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Materials For Your Kitchen Renovation

Premium Materials to Use on Your Kitchen Renovation

When we speak of home improvements and in particular kitchen renovations, the work of the cabinet makers on the kitchen is one of the most integral areas of the renovation. Without compromising on the choice of using quality materials, we can still make the remodelling process cost effective.

To get the results you desired for your dream kitchen design it is essential to use premium quality materials. To uplift the ambience of your kitchen, the finishing touches and aesthetics play a vital role. For example, if a newly furnished kitchen has cheap quality cabinets and shelves, the overall look of the kitchen will certainly not be that of an expensive and classy one.

The part of a kitchen which withstands maximum daily weathering is the countertops. In order for them to last long, it is crucial to use high end materials for them. For a kitchen to last long it’s got to be strong.

Essentials for a High End Kitchen 

  • Use High Quality Tools – In order to achieve desired results. It is imperative to use good quality tools to build the basic structure of a long lasting kitchen. You would need a good flat pack kitchen, a quality caulking gun and strong cupboards to have the renovation stand the test of time. Make sure the fitting materials like appliances and sinks are of a renowned brand in order to keep the kitchen’s finish intact. 

  • Fortify Walls before Renovation – Usage of high quality fillers in holes and cracks on walls is necessary for the perfect start. Good filler should be moisture resistant. This will increase the chances of keeping the walls intact for years to come. 
  • Hinges and Nails – Make sure you use good quality hinges so that the doors of the cabinets operate smoothly over the years. The nails should not rust easily in order to hold the cabinets onto the walls rather than falling off within a short span of time. 
  • Vermin Resistance – All holes and gaps should be filled to prevent cupboards and cabinets from vermin infestation. 
    • Excellent Craftsmanship – Getting an expert carpenter to make shelves and cabinets is a good investment as he will ensure that the furniture is designed keeping in mind the climate of the specific area. Good craftsmanship also results in designing furniture in a way to ensure smooth functioning. He will use top quality drawer slides and hinges so that the drawers don’t get stuck and the doors of cabinets open and close smoothly. 
  • Island Installation – Try installing a light looking leggy harvest table instead of a bulky one. This should serve the purpose even if you want to place a dishwasher, an oven or a cook top. 
  • Countertop – Kirk stone slate, stained wood, soapstone and white Carrera marble are all good choices when it comes to using as material for countertops as they add elegance and warmth and give a sophisticated look. 

Cabinet Height – If you have high ceilings then it’s best to use the height. Let the cabinets go up there. This enables ample storage space. This will make space for shelves and decorative pieces. 

Be sure to give preference to quality, even if it means spending a little extra cash as this will eventually turn out to be quite cost effective in the long run as it will go easy on the maintenance and stand the test of time.