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5 Tips To Avoid Stained Teeth

5 Tips To Avoid Stained Teeth

Although most people will do many things to improve their appearance, such as hairstyling, makeup, cosmetic surgery, or simply by choosing what clothes they wear, dentists often remark upon their dismay that so many fail to care for their teeth properly, especially when it is teeth on display when we smile.

With our smiles often being remarked upon as one of the most beautiful facial features we have, it often beggars belief why so many people seem content for their teeth to become stained. Think of the comparison of a smile that displays clean, white teeth, and a smile that is tarnished by the fact that the person smiling has stained teeth whose colour is closer to yellow or brown than it is to white.

The crying shame in all of this is that stained teeth are so avoidable. Rather than living with stained teeth or continually having to pay for whitening sessions or treatments, you can prevent it from happening by following any of the 5 tips below which apply to you.