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How Creating A Wellness Space At Home Can Aid Your Journey To Drug Addiction Recovery

How Creating A Wellness Space At Home Can Aid Your Journey To Drug Addiction Recovery

If you currently are or have recently been in a drug rehab program, we first want to wish you well on your road to recovering from drug addiction. As positive a step as it is to be aiming to break free of drugs, we appreciate it can also present its fair share of hurdles and setbacks, even to those with unflinching determination, so please stay as positive and committed to your recovery as you can.

Given that it is never a simple task to complete a drug rehab program, it is a welcome fact that there is no shortage of support aids to ending drug addiction which all come in many different forms. Most direct of them will be the support offered by the drug rehab program staff and drug councillors who are helping you beat your addiction.

In addition, there are also many things you can do to help yourself, and many of these will occur at home. The most obvious will be the support of the loved ones who live with you, and many drug addictions have ended thanks to the endless support that individuals have received from their families.

There are also practical actions you can take to help you through your drug rehab if it is taking place whilst you remain living at home. One which is becoming more popular is the creation of a wellness space at home. Note that the name for it might not always be wellness space, as others call it a personal sanctuary, a peace zone, a chill-out area, and endless other names.

The important point is not what you call it, and it is what it can do for you. Nevertheless, for consistency in this article, we will continue to call it a wellness space. As for you what steps you should take to create a wellness space for yourself within your home, here are some pointers.

Designate Where Your Wellness Zone Will Be: The first and most obvious step you must take is to decide where your wellness space will be. Ideally, you want it to be in a room or part of a room that is not usually a hive of noise and frantic activity and which also has a window to allow natural light. Alternatively, you may wish to have it in a secluded part of your garden.

Decorate It With Soothing Colours: Colours are known by experts in mental health to be able to influence moods, so you want to choose colours that will promote your feeling positive, relaxed and calm. Examples of these include beige, brown, and green.

Add Plants To The Area: As well as adding more green to your wellness space, as it is a colour associated with hopeful feelings, plants are also well documented as helping to reduce stress. Apart from these, we are sure you agree any wellness space will be significantly enhanced by the addition of natural beauty.

Use Appropriate Lighting: This applies whether your wellness space is indoors or outdoors; after all, the sun will set in your garden each evening. As for the lighting you choose, this is something you might experiment with, but the rules of thumb are not to make them too bright and, if possible, use dimmable lights.

Choose Suitable, Comfortable Furniture: When you are in your wellness space, you will want to be as comfortable as possible, and this will very much rely upon your furniture. This could be a chair, a couch, a stool, a lounger, or even a hammock if your wellness space is in your garden.

Personalise What Else You Include: Finally, you get to do whatever you want in your wellness area by including anything else which you wish. Bear in mind this is your personal wellness area that is going to be helping you complete your drug rehab, so whether it is books, a games console, or an art easel, go for it.