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Sauvignon Blanc

What to Serve with Sauvignon Blanc

Finding wine, either in a restaurant, a bottle store, or online wine provider that you can pair with almost anything is a challenge. Even if you “know” your wines and consider yourself a connoisseur, there is going to be that one time where you made the wrong choice of wine to go with that fish, steak, or a cheeseboard.

Given that Sauvignon Blanc is an exceptionally versatile, far-reaching white wine that’s quite lean in flavour, it becomes most people’s “go to” beverage for a natural pairing. We’ve included a few of the many things you can eat with it below.


If you’ve gathered the girls for a night out, a staple of that night out is undoubtedly wine and cheese. However, if you’re not usually one to dabble in cheeseboards, you may have trouble deciding which wine to pair with it. Even if you have help from a shop assistant, or descriptions on an online wine website, it’s not easy. Sauvignon Blanc is the best answer. Because of its crispness, it matches beautifully with all manner of cheese, making it a great option to serve to your guests. Goats cheese is also one of the best options, as are cheese balls of different varieties.

Green Vegetables

If summer has arrived and you’re at your local restaurant for a meal, or you’re whipping up something at home, you will find salads are a big hit on the menu. Bitter greens, fresh peas, and all manner of salad ingredients work beautifully with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. What’s more, it may have you reaching for that second glass as well…


Pairing absolutely anything with seafood is often in the “too hard” basket. Even when you’re at a restaurant, it’s best to ask for the opinion of the waitress to avoid spoiling either your beverage or your meal. However, if you’re determined that you want a glass of wine while you indulge in seafood, Sauvignon Blanc should be your bottle of choice. As a white wine, it enhances the flavour of delicate fish such as sole, all the while working wonders on crab, oysters, shrimp, and Halibut. If you’re an online wine buyer, any brand of Sauvignon Blanc will be a great choice.


Over 60 percent of the Australian population, when surveyed by Roy Morgan, had eaten pasta at least once in a seven-day period, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a versatile dish, you can eat it at home or a restaurant, and there are 350 varieties from which to choose. And, yet, it’s still a hard ask to pair wine with it. Whether you’re eating creamy pasta, or a dish with an oily, herby, or tangy sauce, you will find Sauvignon Blanc hits the mark every time.

If you find yourself eating at a restaurant or serving guests in your home, there’s no longer any need to stress or worry about pairing wine with food. Make sure you have a few bottles of Sauvignon Blanc handy, and you’ll find it’ll tick all the boxes every time.